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Another iPod

01 Today is our life • Memory Tapes (from Player Piano)

“This will be the time we won’t have to be careful”

02 Bury Us Alive • Starfucker (from Reptilians)

“Nothing ever keeps you safe for sure”

03 This Is Our Lot • Wild Beasts (from Two Dancers)

“We hold each other up, heavy with hops”

04 Memory Loss • The Radio Dept (from Clinging To A Scheme)

“Can you please tell me what I’m doing?”

05 Tonight • The Big Pink (from A Brief History Of Love)

“I’ve done a lot of things and none went wrong”

06 Ego • Burial / Four Tet / Thom Yorke

“I’m tougher than you think”

07 Der Wunsch Teil Drei • Barbara Morgenstern (from Fjorden)


08 High For This • The Weeknd (from House Of Balloons)

“We don’t need attention”

09 Open The Light • Boards Of Canada (from Music Has The Right To Children)


10 First Light • Brian Eno & Harold Budd (from The Plateaux Of Mirror)


11 Let’s Go Out Tonight • Craig Armstrong (from The Space Between Us)

“What’s so wrong tonight?”

  1. good music…and interesting blog! i just found it searching for information about press freedom in turkey!
    right on!


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