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Another of the LSE’s public lectures. This time it’s Steven Kinzer with a talk entitled ‘Facing Disaster In the Middle East: Do We Have Only Bad Options?’ He outlines, not very convincingly, his argument that the USA needs to find new partners in the Middle East and that it should choose Turkey and Iran.


Here’s an RSA lecture from November 8th 2010 by anthropolgist Scott Atran, author of Talking to the Enemy: Violent Extremism, Sacred Values, and What it Means to be Human. The book draws on years of research in which Dr Atran spoke to terrorists and their friends/family across the world.


On October 25th 2010, the London School of Economics held a lecture entitled “European Questions—Turkish Angles: Europe’s history.” The participants were Stephen Houlgate (professor of philosophy at the University of Warwick), Şevket Pamuk (professor of contemporary Turkish studies at the LSE) and Donald Sassoon (professor of comparative European history at Queen Mary, University of London). [Added here October 28th 2010.]


Entirely off-topic, but further to a Twitter thread about Latin, here’s an six-minute interview from BBC Radio 4 with a Vatican Latin translator. If you want to know the Latin for “sub-prime mortgage” or for “hockey mom”, then he’s your man. His philosophy boils down to this: “You can’t bullshit in Latin. It won’t move.” [The interview is from December 27th 2008; added here October 27th 2010.]


Below, you’ll find a 90-minute lecture by Professor Ergun Özbudun on “Turkey between Democratizing Pressures and the Resistance of the State Elite”. This is from Columbia University in February 2009.


On 5 July 2010, BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today programme ran a piece on the Turkish YouTube/Google ban. You can listen to it below.

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